The Algarthian

Tys is a teenager with extraordinary psychic abilities. Discovered and then trained by the Guardians of Agartha, a secret underground realm, he is sent alone on his first spy mission on the surface of the earth. During the mission, he discovers the betrayal of the famous high priestess Idrella. Under the influence of a strange young woman, Idrella is ready to deliver to the Heirs ancestral technologies capable of reshaping the world. Propelled into the heart of a network of spies and protectors, Tys will gradually become a seasoned fighter supported by Eleanor, a powerful magician commissioned by Gunael the Tree of Wisdom, and who lives in a distant reality, within a sorority which inducts elected officials to maintain the balance of the worlds. The Algarthian Chronicles take the reader on an epic journey through worlds, ancient technologies hidden and protected in the subterranean depths of Agartha, plots and intrigues hatched by the Heirs to seize power in a world in edge of chaos.

Meet The Author

"My ebooks are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers."